Fuzzy Lights Album Launch

Date: 26 Nov 2008 - 20:00
End Date: 26 Nov 2008 - 23:00
Event details: FUZZY LIGHTS
This event celebrates the release of the new Fuzzy Lights album on Little Red Rabbit Records.
Formed in Cambridge in 2004, Fuzzy Lights create haunted, visceral music that pulls and tugs at its moorings. Hard to pigeonhole as they combine both folk purity and psychedelic guitar noise with echoes of more traditional blues/Americana, their reverb-soaked, semi-improvised music is now collected on their debut album 'A Distant Voice' (released November 24th). Fans of The Dirty Three, Grails and Neil Young will find much to love here.

This Colchester based collective is all about channeling energies into making some heart bursting beguiling music. Since they started playing together, their line up has shifted but their folk-centric minimalist improvisations are always mind blowing experiences.

LOTRHM creates Instrumental Fahey-esque musings that will chill your bones and warm your cockles. Based in Nottingham, Chris Summerlin has been creating noise and beauty in equal measure in a variety of bands for many years now (including Reynolds and Wolves of Greece) and currently makes fine rock music with Lords. We see him tonight playing with new Fuzzy Lights addition Patrick Farmer on drums.

A Crushing Death & Grief Gig, see www.crushingdeath.com for further details.

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