Collegium Regale

Date: 3 Aug 2008 - 19:30
Event details: Thomas Tallis Lamentations
Adrian Willaert Victimae paschali laudeos
Hans leo Hassler Ad dominum cum tribularer
Jacob Handl Ascendo ad patrem meum
Baldissera Donato Chi la gagliarda
Joachim du Bellay La nuicht froide et sombre
... and English madrigals by Weelkes and folksongs such as the Londonderry Air.

Following on last year's successful concert in the Festival, Collegium Regale return, this time on home ground. As part of King's College Choir, the choral scholars sing in the chapel's daily services as well as maintaining a busy concert, recording and touring schedule. As Collegium Regale the choral scholars perform independently of the choir, singing a repertoire that encompasses fifteenth century sacred music, jazz, and folksongs. A richly varied choral feast of European music that will sound wonderful in King's College Chapel!

Ticket info £25,£20,£15,£12 Choir (unsighted) £5
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