Source, The

Source, The
01954 713996.
Alms Hill
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      The Source is a family-run coffee shop in Bourn. Tiny and comfortably furnished, with great big windows letting in plenty of light, it is a friendly place to go on your own, and a good place to meet friends

      The cafe is very family friendly, with a play area with boxes of toys for children to rummage in while their parents drink coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed and the owner is completely used to children being children.

      The Source strives to be as environmentally friendly as a restaurant can be,
      the owner is completely used to children being children
      giving consideration to the packaging of materials/ingredients used, and also recycling and taking care with the disposal of materials/waste. Opposite it, there is a wonderful African fairtrade arts and craft shop. Most of the products sold are hand-made in developing countries (many from Southern Africa) and profits go to supporting various HIV-charities in South Africa. It is a delightful place to shop for gifts.

      This is the only coffee shop in Bourn and it is relatively cheap, with delicious homemade cakes. There is quite a good selection of very affordable light international dishes for lunch, and a good selection of tea and coffee, mostly fairtrade. The Source is well-worth a visit if you're passing through Bourn, or even if you're not.