The Shop

The Shop
18 Jesus Lane
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      The Shop - not just another retail experience, but an entirely independent arts space

      OUR HOPE...
 is to bring together Cambridge's creative community by providing a space dedicated to visual and performing art and design.
      The aim of ‘The Shop' is to provide a forum where members of the local community can meet, share ideas, support artwork in progress and make new contacts in an informal and inclusive environment.

      ‘The Shop' will be open to all ages, genders, students, locals, professional and non-professional makers, those with a lot or a little experience. In addition, we are currently developing community links in order to engage young people, so that they can contribute to the projects at the shop and participate in workshops aimed at young people.

      The organising team, (Paloma Gormley, Georgia Artus, Lorna Collis, Miram Austin and Nikki Goldup) recognise that there are few opportunities to work inexpensively and creatively in Cambridge. They aim to provide a solution to this issue.

      'The Shop' is not just about exhibiting artwork. During the week, an eclectic mix of events will take place, including Tango dancing, talks, art workshops, singing and drama sessions and film nights. Some events will be free and others will have a small charge at the door. On Thursday nights local fashionistas and those with a penchant for costume and textile design will be able to attend ‘The Stitch Up', which will feature a social mix of making, talking and creating, with help and advice from ‘The Stitch Up Girls'.