Shannon is represented and promoted by her Father, Darren O'Leary. Any attempts to contact Shannon, must go via Darren- contact details are provided on this page.



My desire is to venture into musical theatre. I am as yet untrained and purely self taught, but I am currently singing material from the world's most favourite musicals.
I'm hoping that my voice could be professsionally worked with in the music industry. Your comments would be so welcome and I hope to meet some great friends and fellow performers.........
Your talent is God's gift to you What you do with it is your gift back to God......... I'm me.
Love making friends though not the average social butterfly. Even better is getting to keep the friends and watching the friendships blossom in their intricate patterns, with their twists and turns, and becoming a beautiful patchwork of events. I'm passionate about what I believe in, philosophical and down to earth. I'm a fun loving kinda girl and I don't mess with my values and my God.
Born of a rich cultural diversity and exposed to varied influences, I've developed my gifts and talents to an appreciable level. I love everything creative, and have been vastly involved in music and arts.