Nick Barraclough & The Burglars

Nick Barraclough & the Burglars are an acoustic band. That's it really; not a folk group (certainly not a folk group), not jazz, not country, not swing, not blues, not doo-wop, but a jazz, country, swing, blues, doo-wop group. They all play lots of instruments and sing - really quite well. If you get Asleep at the Wheel, Ry Cooder, Dan Hicks, Howlin' Wolf, Chris Cox and Duke Ellington, you'll understand.


Nick's on Radio 2 and Radio 4 quite often, producing and presenting programmes about specialist music and odd people, so he's knows quite a lot of what he's talking about. Sometimes he forgets himself though, and says foolish things just for a larf. He likes talking to audiences, and generally, they like to listen to him and chuckle.


Robb is charismatic and deep and plays the harmonica most of the time. Steve is jolly and will play anything you want him to. He plays accordion most of the time. Chris is very clever and writes a lot of the band's songs - and they play those songs not because they feel they ought to, but because they do actually like them. Chris plays the bass most of the time - a double bass - on purpose.


When audiences go away from a Burglars show, they do so smiling. As a young woman called Charlie once said, "for four old men, you guys really rock!". They don't play rock though.