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Lucy Deakin - cello
John Dipper - fiddle
Emma Reid - fiddle
Miranda Rutter - viola

Methera Quartet unites the depth and integrity of traditional English music with the rich texture of the string quartet. Four fine young musicians with individual traditional styles meet in a unique classical constellation.

The repertoire of Methera Quartet is inspired by the social and ceremonial dance music of England and beyond. Together the members of the quartet weave old and contemporary tunes into the string quartet, exploring the power and diversity of sounds it has to offer. Each voice tells their version of the story; on occasion the narrative is blurred by the comments or counter-tales it inspires. Steeped in the aural tradition of English music, Methera Quartet is equally at home performing with or without a manuscript, enabling the music to live and breathe in the moment. Audience, place, and acoustic all play an active part as the story unfolds.

Methera Quartet also performs specially commissioned pieces by composers steeped in traditional music. This unique opportunity enables them to investigate the potential of their genre when married with the timbres offered by the versatile string quartet. There is a constant dialogue between composer and performers, and the result: music appropriated for the chamber, delivered in a traditional style; music that respects tradition but breaks convention.