Histon Baptist Church

Histon Baptist Church
Station Road
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On April 16th, 1858, a meeting was held in the house of James Burkett to consider the possibility of forming a Baptist church in Histon. No decision was reached and the meeting was adjourned, it was resumed three days later in John Chapman's house, where the offer by James Burkett of a section of his garden for a site on which to erect a Chapel was accepted. It was also agreed at this meeting that services should be held in the Clubroom of the "Rose & Crown" until the new premises were ready for occupation. 

The Chapel was opened on September 14th, 1858 on the edge of the village green (now converted to apartments). The first official meeting of members, nineteen in all, appears to have taken place on November 12th of that year, when three deacons were elected by ballot. With the exception of one person, all present at the meeting on April 16th, 1858 were baptised on October 7th, 1858. Thirteen of the nineteen original members forming the Church were baptised on that day, the majority being people in middle life. 

In order to form any adequate conception of the courage and faith of the small band of men and women who embarked on the task of building a Baptist Chapel in Histon in 1858, it is necessary to picture the conditions prevailing in the village at that time. The total population over 20 years of age in 1841 was 418, and that of Impington, 138. A very small proportion of the older men and women living in the village could read or write. (Note: No child who had not been christened was allowed to attend Day School in Histon at the time). No one in Histon owned a bicycle until about 15 years after the formation of the Baptist Church. Histon station was built in 1847, nearly a mile away from the then centre of the village.

With a growth in the village population the Chapel became far too small, and the present Chapel and Sunday School were opened at Easter 1900 and Whitsun, 1902, respectively. The congregation quickly outgrew the accommodation provided by the new Chapel and the extension on the south side of the present building was opened at the Jubilee celebrations in 1908. At the Jubilee celebrations in 1908 it was recorded that membership of the Church stood at 230.