Fountain Inn, Soham

Fountain Inn, Soham
01353 720374
1 Churchgate Street
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      This was a very ancient hostelry, once know as 'The White Lion'. In the lounge is a fireplace dated 1533 and that room was once used as a court. Adjoining the side of the building is the seventeenth century steelyard arm which was used for weighing carts and their produce. It could weigh up to four tons of produce. In the early years of the 20th century, Slack and Adams, the auctioneers, ran a cattle market in the yard at the rear of 'The Fountain'.
      The building was almost completely gutted by fire in 1900. Despite the valiant efforts of the local fire brigade and many volunteer helpers, most of the building was reduced to rubble. Fortunately part of the lounge and the adjoining steelyard arm were saved. The public house was rebuilt in very similar style to the original