Cow Wow

Cow Wow
The Cow
A Festive Celebration of the Arts.
-Live action painting
-Music Jams
-Vocal Looping
-Interpretive Dance
-Experimental Sound Design
-Slam Poetry
-Interactive Art and DJ Sets

Cow Wow features:
THE BEATABET COLLECTIVE- founded in 2002, a dynamic coalition of 40+ musicians and artists who come together regularly to perform, create, compose and experiment. New combinations of performers and collaborators constantly surface as the individual members explore the creative possibilities of the wider collective and its talents.

BUNTY- is a Brighton based musician and visual artist. Bunty uses one mouth, one mic, a Boss loop station and a dd5 delay, performing solo vocal looping sets which are a mixture of improvised and composed music.
'Bunty produces almost entirely improvised, ambient, experimental space-pop.It's sexy, downbeat and very charming' -The Brighton Source - Dec 2007

MIKE HAWKINS VS. KID COLA & FRIENDS- Mike Hawkins is a performance artist from New Zealand. Taking inspiration from the sounds of a live band or DJ, he draws what he hears. Providing the music for him at Cow Wow will be Kid Cola, a producer and DJ. He'll be providing a cacophony of improvised electronica with a little help from his friends.

XAHDREZ- will be performing an improvised sound scape with a trumpet, electronics and whatever else he can find!

HOLLIE MCNISH- a stand up poet who has read regularly at Faraggo London, as well as other venues in London, Leeds, York, Brighton, Glasgow and Cornwall. Right now she'd just like to keep doing what she's doing...

Angry Mob Presents...

Angry Mob Presents...
Portland Arms, The
A cathartic night of music and mayhem, brought to you by the 'Angry Mob'.

Bomb Factory: "Here's a chord, here's another, your guitar is your weapon, get off your arse, step away from that TV, stop consuming, form a band (or start a zine, or put a gig on or...) - urgent wired angry punk rock from somewhere in England" - Organ Magazine (!)

Plus an 'open mic - angry mic' in between the acts, your chance to jump up on stage and let some of that anger out (verbally). That's right, practice that rant for when you finally take over the local radio station when it all kicks off.

The First Fab Four: an evening with The Romantics

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The First Fab Four: an evening with The Romantics
Michaelhouse - Trinity Street, Cambridge
Were Keats, Byron, Leigh Hunt and Shelley - the Beatles of their era? In 'The First Fab Four' songwriter John Webster performs key lyrics by the poets in a cycle of folk-rock songs - and lets modern audiences see the force of the comparison.

The songs, performed with a soundtrack recorded by Brindaband, are backed up with commentaries and narratives which uncover a range of parallels between the two groups. Evocative imagery brings the Romantics' world closer, and as the story builds to take in the Romantics' early deaths and subsequent influence, John explores what their legacy could tell us about the Beatles' eventual contribution to history.

An entertaining and thought-provoking show that brings two great creative eras together, and shows in the end that the spirit of poetry - ‘the bedrock of human nature', as Wordsworth put it - is still a force in the contemporary world.

Book tickets through Pathfinder Audio 01865 765436
email: pathfinderaudio@googlemail.com
more details at www.pathfinderaudio.co.uk

The Moving Tone Sessions

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The Moving Tone Sessions
Michaelhouse - Trinity Street, Cambridge
The Moving Tone Sessions bring aural delight to audiences presenting innovative newly composed music in the beautiful surroundings of Michaelhouse blending contemporary sounds with the golden acoustic of this ancient church.

Friday, 14 November - more information


Michaelhouse - Trinity Street, Cambridge

St Michael's Church is a Ministry of the Parish of St Mary the Great with St M. . . more>>

Malcolm Guite

  Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge, UK. He is aut . . . more>>

Kettle's Yard

For sixteen years, Kettle's Yard was the home of Jim Ede, a former curator at the Tate Gallery, Lon. . . more>>

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