Clubglobal presents The Vodou Jazz Factory

Clubglobal presents The Vodou Jazz Factory
Barfly - closed 4 June 2008
Vodou Jazz Factory grew out of some conga workshops in Cambridge. The band plays rhythms from Haitian Vodou, Brazilian Candomble, Cuban Santeria and Highlife. We add melodies and jazz solos and we want to produce dance-till-you-drop music. The band is new, in 2008, and this will be their second gig. We are developing some new material to extend our set and hope to grow a whole new jazz sound over the next year or so. We play with a rhythmic and melodic structure but no detailed script, a basic tune and solos from everyone, so no two performances will ever be the same


The influences are from Jane's obsessions with Nigerian bands, Dele Abiodun and Fela Kuti, and from Sun Ra, Art Blakey, Nana Vasconcelos, Paapa Mensah and other members of the Mensah clan.

Plus DJ Skunk -Come Ready To Dance!

Soul Tree

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